Svetovišarska veja – the branch of Svete Višarje

Inaugurated on 5th September 2012

The blessing and inauguration of the Upper Carniola-Višarje branch of the way of St. James in Slovenia took place at the time of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the foundation of the Ljubljana diocese.

In the vicinity of Ljubljana, in the direction of Upper Carniola there are two subsidiary churches of St. James, one in Stanežiče and another at Petelinc in Medvode. In the latter, there is a portrayal of a miracle by St. James who kept alive a young man having been wrongly sentenced to death. In Škofja Loka with its parish church, a St. James’s scallop shell with a hole in it was found in Komun in 1972 during the research of the Main Square; the shell bears witness of medieval pilgrimaging to Compostela. The pilgrimage church dedicated to St. Mary in Crngrob is deemed to be among the most important artistic monuments in Slovenia. From Pobrezje with its St. James’s church, the way of St. James takes us on through Ljubno with its pilgrimage church of St. Mary Udarjena to that of Marija Pomočnica (St. Mary Help of Christians) at Brezje, and via Radovljica to the church of Sv. Lenart (St. Leonard) in Bodešče; on its outside wall, this church boasts a mural presenting the miracle of St. James from 1524.

The murals in the church of St. James in Ribno tell us about the life of the apostle James. Leaving Ribno, the way takes us to the Lake Bled and the pilgrims can take pleasure in the “picture of paradise” with the island, church and castle. Via Gorje, the way leads to the valley of Radovna to Mojstrana where the murals of Mati Božja (the Mother of God) of Višarje on the homesteads remind us that we are on an old pilgrimage pathway. In Podkoren, the way of St. James turns via Korensko sedlo (Wurzen Pass) to Austria while straight on it leads to Rateče, Trbiž, Žabnica and from here past the Stations of the Cross to Svete Višarje. In 1360, the Mother of God chose this place where she receives its worshippers. This is the place where the Slovenian, Friulian, Italian and German languages, songs and prayers have been heard and spoken ever since. This holy place has a special meaning to us Slovenes, since it joins together the Slovene emigrants, the Slovene minorities in Italy and Austria, and those living in Slovenia.

Like in the old days, it is recommended to receive a pilgrim’s blessing from the local parish priest; a pilgrim’s blessing for groups may be arranged with the parish priest where the pilgrimage begins.





  1. Ljubljana – Škofja Loka

The Upper Carniola branch of the Way of St James starts at the Church of St James in Ljubljana, 18 Gornji Trg; the stamp is in the church vestibule on the left side.  A pilgrim’s blessing may be arranged with the parish priest Fr. Albert Bačar, MSc, Mobile: +386 (0)41 848 117 or email:

It is recommended to take the marked route via the Hill of Rožnik to Mostec, and via Dravlje and the Hill of Šentvid to the Church of St James in Stanežiče.

The Church of the Visitation at the Hill of Rožnik is led by the Franciscans; the Holy Mass is celebrated from 1 May to 30 September on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and also at 4 p.m. during the Marian devotions in May.

Inn Rožnik, 1 Cankarjev Vrh, open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tel.: +386 (0)1 251 34 29, Mobile: +386 (0)41 772 – 700, food available.

Subsidiary Church of St James in Stanežiče, church caretaker Mr Jože Perčič, Tel.: +386 (0)41 508 582. The stamp is in the box on the wall outside, on the right side of the entrance to the church. The Holy Mass is celebrated regularly on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

If you come along the forest path over the Rožnik Hill, you take the same route from the settlement back to the cross and forward along the designated route towards the Church of St James on Petelinc. This part of the way from Ljubljana towards Stanežiče takes approx. four hours. A variant along the streets of Ljubljana towards the Church of St Vitus in Šentvid and the Church of St James in Stanežiče is marked, too.

A pilgrims’ group usually starts its pilgrimage with a pilgrim’s blessing at the Church of St Vitus in Šentvid upon previous agreement with the parish priest Fr Ivan Jagodic, Tel.: +386 (0)512 81 30, Mobile: +386 (0)31 302 223, email:

Subsidiary Church of St James on Petelinc, parish Preska, Mass celebrated on Easter Monday usually at 10 a.m. in memory of the Easter earthquake in 1895.

Subsidiary Church of St James at Brezovica near Medvode, ie above the Church of St Catherine above Ljubljana, parish Sora. The Holy Mass for the Fatherland is celebrated on Independence and Unity Day, 26 December, usually at 6 p.m. The stamp is on the wall on the left at the entrance to the church.

Škofja Loka – Church of St James in Škofja Loka, open from 7 a.m., evening Mass at 6:30 p.m. or at 7.30 p.m. in summer. Food available in grocery shops in Škofja Loka.

Sv. Duh near Škofja Loka, half board accommodation is possible at the Ursuline Monastery near Sveti Duh near Škofja Loka in the House of Bread (Hiša kruha) led by S. Irena Mohorič, Mobile: +386 (0)765 496 or

The next day, you continue you way along the marked route towards Crngrob.

Another variant: there is another way leading straight from Škofja Loka, which is an ancient pilgrimage way towards the subsidiary Church of St Mary Annunciation in Crngrob, parish of Stara Loka.

Tourist Farm Megušar, 45 Stara Loka, Mobile: +386 (0)40 503 830, accommodation and food available.

Tourist Farm Pri Marku, 5 Crngrob, Mr Jože Porenta, Tel.: +386 (0)4 513 16 26.




There is a resting place with water on the way from Crngrob before the Planica Pass on the right.

Zgornja Besnica – Church of St Giles, church caretaker Mrs Lucija Knific, Mobile: +386 (0)40 163 347, the house opposite the church; a grocery store and a buffet with food  are located on the way back towards the village.

Podnart – a buffet with food and drink and a grocery store on the left before the bridge crossing the Sava River.

Podbrezje  –  Parish Church of St James and Subsidiary Pilgrim’s Church of  Our Lady of Sorrows in Tabor. There is the Missionary Franc Pirc Retreat Centre where you can stay overnight upon prior agreement with the parish priest Fr Mihael Lavrinc, who currently stays at the Franciscan monastery in Brezje. Catering service for groups can be provided by Tišlr butcher’s shop, Podbrezje, Mobile: +386 (0)31 307 786,

Matijovc Farm, 192 Podbrezje, accommodation and food available upon agreement, Mobile: +386 (0)41 538 583.




Ljubno – Pilgrimage Church of St Mary (Marija Udarjena a legend of St Mary being hit by a mason).

Brezje – Pilgrimage Shrine of Mary Help of Christians led by the Franciscans.  Morning mass at 7 a.m. and 8.30 a.m and evening mass at 7 p.m. Accomodation is available upon prior agreement in the St Joseph Retreat Centre led by Sisters of Immaculate Conception of Mary next to the basilica, mother superior Marija Kadiš, Tel.: +386 (0)4 537 07 23, possibility of half board accommodation. There is also a tourist farm in the centre of Brezje.

Radovljica – There are more possibilities of accommodation along the St James way in the Main Square: Pr’ Vidic Hostel with a sweet shop and Inn Lectar (food).

Possibility of guided tours for groups, Chairmen of the Sotočje Cultural Association Mr. Dr. Avguštin Mencinger, Mobile: +386 (0)40 728 233.

Bodešče – Church of St. Lenart with a fresco of the miracle of St James on the outside wall; the key at 25 Bodešče, at the Soklič family.

Ribno – Church of St James, there is a parish house opposite the church; the stamp is in the box on the outside wall of the parish house.

Bled – Mary’s House (Retreat House), 6 Partizanska Street, half board accommodation, Sister Martina Golavšek, Mobile: +386 (0)70 610 249 or Tel.: +386 (0)4 574 10 75, Holy Mass in the church of St Martin in Bled.




Zgornje Gorje – Church of St George, parish priest Branko Zadnik, 45 Zg. Gorje, Mobile: +386 (0)41 677 806. There is a grocery shop and a buffet.

Dolina Radovne – possibility to rent a scout hut for groups, Gregor Tosič, 151 a Spodnje Gorje, Mobile: +386 (0)31 622 276 or email:

Pr’ Psnak tourist farm, at the end of the valley, food available.

Mojstrana – acommodation: hostel Lukna, Triglavska cesta 15, 4281 Mojstrana, +386 31 736 781 (Ursa), +386 40 597 215 (Jakob),

Mojstrana – supermarket Mercator, a buffet (pizzas), and a grocery store along the way of St James.

Martuljek – Rute Hotel, hostel, Mobile: +386 (0)41 636 266, half board accommodation.




Kranjska Gora – hostel, Mobile: +386 (0)41 636 266, half board accommodation.

Rateče – Inn Uh – Kavalar along the main road, 45 Rateče, Tel.: +386 (0)4 587 61 95, Mobile: +386 (0)31 641 043.

Trbiž – grocery store and buffet.

Žabnice – Buffet David, food available, and a buffet at the foot of Mount Lussari.

Cottage of St Joseph, accommodation, M. Markežič, Tel.: +393-476 92 15 91, there is also an inn the village.

Svete Višarje (the Monte Lussari) –  Lambert Ehrlich Slovenian House run by the Society of Saint Raphael, 2 Kristanova, Ljubljana, email:, manager Mr Lenart Rihar, Tel.: +386 (0)1 438 30 50, accommodation for pilgrims’ groups available upon prior agreement.

Inn Al Convento, run by a Slovenian Jure Prešeren, Tel.: +39 338 178 1133, food and half boad accommodation available.


A cable car to the Monte Lussari usually operates from 1 June to 8 September, the feast of the Nativity of the Blesses Virgin Mary, every day between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The church is open when the cable car is operating. The regular Holy Mass is celebrated at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m. and also at 3 p.m. on Sunday.


We would appreciate it if you could send any additional useful information and possible changes to:


Igor Vidmar: +386 (0)70 828 707 or email:


Miro Veldin: Mobile: +386 (0)40 933 563


Dear pilgrims, we hope we have stirred up a tinge of interest in where our predecessors used to tread so that you may come to a decision to embark on the same journey. Today, people are always in a hurry, unable to stop and find the way to their inner selves and those around them. Now that so many times money is scarce for special “destinations”, as people can often be heard saying, our inner peace of mind and tranquillity are within our reach: making a pilgrimage along the way of St. James in Slovenia. 

Thank you!


The friends of the Way of Saint James in Slovenia wish you a pleasant pilgrimage.

Let St James, the patron saint of pilgrims and travellers, guide and protect you!